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Protecting Pollinators Part 4 – Initiatives Aiding Honey Bee Health

Declining populations in pollinating species around the globe have caused pollinator health to become a much-debated topic in both public and scientific communities. And while all pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem, Apis mellifera, the western honey bee, has taken top priority in many research labs across the country due to the critical pollination services it provides to North America’s agriculture industryPart four of Seed World’s Protecting Pollinators series. Read More Here.


Giant Views of the Industry: Fueling Excitement  Seed professionals are rising to the many challenges shaping the industry. Our 2013 panel of Giants share their thoughts on the future direction of the seed industry. [continue reading]


Giant Highlights – Our seed industry experts offer unique insights and facts on the global seed industry. [continue reading]



Giant Numbers – Important seed industry figures and facts. [continue reading]


Giant Biographies – Meet our 2013 Giant Views of the Industry experts who share their perspectives on the seed industry. [continue reading]


Giant Expectations – The future of the seed industry—meet this year’s Future Giants award winner Andrew Lauver.  [continue reading]


2013 World Food Prize - Seed World speaks with three biotech pioneers who share the honor of the 2013 World Food Prize. [continue reading]


Craig Newman Takes Over as Chair of the American Seed Association ASTA’s president shares his vision for the seed industry and talks about the importance of family. [continue reading]


Future Seed Executives Broadens Scope - With a new vision, FuSE moves forward to better serve young professionals in the seed industry.[continue reading]


Having 'The Talk'Industry advocates feel now is the time to step up and start positive conversations about seed and agriculture with the public.[continue reading]


Drought and Pests Drive Innovations in CornA look at the forces driving new developments in the corn seed traits and genetics pipeline. [continue reading]


Resistant Weeds and Geography Drive Soybean DevelopmentSoybean breeding is moving forward to offer more complex trait and genetic packages to address farmers’ needs. [continue reading]


Ready to Rebound After a couple of difficult years, the sorghum seed industry is poised for growth and innovation. [continue reading]


Bt Questions AnsweredResearch is shedding new light on and helping ease concerns about the long-term viability of Bt crops. [continue reading]


Forage Trends for 2014 and BeyondForage companies continue to expand seed options, building portfolios which increase productivity for growers. [continue reading]


All Eyes on the United StatesAs leaders in biotechnology adoption, the U.S. seed industry has faced many hurdles and scrutiny by the public. [continue reading]


The Guide To Seed Treatment StewardshipASTA shares the details of this new industry initiative. [continue reading]


A Promising Future Public funding for plant breeding is needed to ensure that the U.S. continues to be a leader. [continue reading]


Searching for UnicornsResearchers at Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business share their surprising results on the relationship between the location of large-scale farmers and how it relates to a retailer’s market potential. [continue reading]


BASF Crop Protection Raises the BarBASF’s newly launched Functional Crop Care division is set to bring innovative products to market to serve the ever-changing global ag community.  [continue reading]


Snapshots in Time A compilation of key events, trends and quotes from Seed World in 2013. [continue reading]



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Seed Treatments

The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship is the product of industry-wide collaboration between seed companies, seed treatment providers and universities – and it draws from data collected worldwide. Jointly produced by the American Seed Trade Association and CropLife America, its purpose is to provide farmers and seed companies with critical information and up-to-date guidelines for managing treated seeds effectively to minimize the risk of exposure to non-target organisms.

Learn more at:



Protecting Pollinators Part 3 – Crop Protectants and Honey Bee Health

Commercial beekeepers across North America have been witnessing losses of honey bee colonies for several years now. While neonicotinoid-based pesticides have taken much of the blame publicly, honey bee experts caution that the relationship between crop protection products and bee health is extremely complicated and research is still in its infancy. Part three of Seed World’s Protecting Pollinators series. Read More Here.



Protecting Pollinators Part 1 - Understanding Colony Loss

This five-part series will examine the health and welfare of the honey bee, whose future may have a substantial effect on critical industry decisions. Read More Here.


Protecting Pollinators Part 2 – Bee Health Stressors

Part two of Seed World’s Protecting Pollinators series delves into the combination of stressors affecting honey bee health and threatening the honey bee pollination industry, potentially placing our global food supply at risk. Read More Here.




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