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Top 10 | Germination 2012


Germination‘s Pick:
See which article the editor of Seed World thinks had the most impact in 2011!


1. Giant Views Column: The Portrait of Today’s Seed Grower
Shaun Haney of Haney Farms looks at the changes seed growers today must adapt to in order to regain significant relevance in what has become a more global, fast-paced industry.

2. Giant Views Column: Seed Testing a Valuable Tool in 2011
Sarah Foster of 20/20 Seed Labs gives an insightful overview of the seed quality conditions for 2011 and outlines the importance of seed testing.

3. On the Rise
Seed prices have shot up dramatically in the last ten years—what makes up those prices and where will the increases end?

4. Seed Industry Applauds Adoption of International Treaties
The adoption of two important international treaties in Nagoya, Japan in the fall of 2010 has left the place science industry encouraged about access and benefit sharing and liability and redress.

5. Giant Highlights
At a time of technology and globalization, many of the experts in this year’s Giant Views of the Industry had interesting stories to tell about being adaptable. Enjoy some of the highlights of their news and insights.

6. New Wheat Trends are Emerging
According to a study by Blacksheep Strategy, farm business practices in wheat technology are shifting.

7. CSTA (Association News): Attracting the “Future Giants” of the Seed Industry
Summary: An overview from the Canadian Seed Trade Association on why the seed industry needs to make recruitment and education of young professionals a priority.

8. In with the New
Outcomes from this year’s variety recommending committee meetings.

9. Industry News
Industry news is geared to seed professionals and delivers the people, industry, business and product news you need to know.

10. Protecting Pollinators
Work is being done by scientists, companies and organizations around the world to help curb the disappearance of pollinating insects.