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Cultivating Connections at the 100th ISF World Seed Congress

VP Wholesale & Procurement,

Adger, a native of the Netherlands, has been part of DLF for more than 28 years and is in charge of the DLF Wholesale & Procurement business in Greater Europe. In addition, he also serves as statutory director of DLF BV in The Netherlands
He has been instrumental in the successful development of the business and has a strong commercial sense aiming to optimize business opportunities.
Adger is heading the coordination of the DLF Global Wholesale Management Team creating global synergies through the exchange of market insights and knowledge-sharing initiatives.
Beyond his responsibilities within DLF, Adger is an esteemed member of the ISF Forage and Turf Advisory Group, where he lends his expertise to shape industry practices and facilitate the movement of seed.
Moreover, his involvement in the ISF Coordination Group Illegal Seed Practices showcases his dedication to ensuring ethical business conduct, and regulatory compliance within the industry.

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In the heart of Rotterdam, the International Seed Federation (ISF) commemorates a century of shaping the global seeds industry. As the curtains rise on this year’s ISF World Seed Congress, it’s more than just a milestone celebration; it’s a testament to the enduring vitality of seed commerce on the world stage.

The seeds trade is inherently international, with dealers and buyers spanning continents. While virtual tools like video conferences and emails keep the wheels turning, there’s an undeniable power in face-to-face interactions for nurturing enduring business ties. This is why the seeds community convenes regularly, a tradition that spans a remarkable 100 years.

At the core of ISF’s mission lies a commitment to promote the benefits of quality seed as the foundation of sustainable agriculture value chains. Through the engagement of the seed sector with global stakeholders, governments and NGOs, ISF strives to underscore the seed sector’s role in ensuring global food security, sustainable crop production and resilient food systems.

Central to this endeavor is ensuring access to seed and genetic resources and accelerating the delivery of innovation to enhance crop resilience and productivity.

The World Seed Congress serves as a pivotal platform to advocate for policies that foster a fair regulatory framework for the industry and secure trade conditions that provide level playing fields for the global movement of seed and promote advancements in plant breeding and seed technology.     

For an international organization such as the ISF to truly serve as a cornerstone for the seeds industry, active involvement and participation from the member organizations in several boards and advisory groups, with a focus on different interests around the value chain, is paramount.

For a global seed company such as DLF, it is a priority to contribute to the ISF to keep an active and strong international organization for the benefit of the seed industry.

At the congress in Rotterdam, we have been actively involved in the work of the organizing committee to prepare the events and program from 27-29 May. Additionally, a post-congress tour on 30 May with four tours that offers a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge facilities and gain insights into the latest advancements in the seed industry. 

In Rotterdam, amidst the bustling energy of the World Seed Congress, the seeds of collaboration and innovation are sown anew, propelling the industry towards a future of sustainability and growth.