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Total Seed Production Enhances Operations with Color Sorter

Indiana-based Total Seed Production completes the installation of a state-of-the-art color sorter. This technology will not only improve the quality of the seed, but will once again increase Total Seed Production’s capacity to allow it to meet the increasing demands for its product, according to the company.
The new Satake Evolution RGB + Shape Full Color Sorter takes optical sorting technology to the next level. This technology works much like the human eye. The Evolution detects color through three wavelengths (red, green and blue), allowing the sorter to match the eye’s ability to see true color. This full color sorting machine uses 16 million colors, high-resolution cameras and long lasting LED lighting to detect and remove defects based on both color and shape. It works like the human eye – the smallest deviations are identified and rejected.
“This type of investment proves again our continued commitment to being a leader in the industry for providing high quality seed and first class service to our customers,” says company president Aaron Conaway.