Exploring the Global Seed Industry.

Seed World U.S.

Distributed six times per year to more than 9,000 seed professionals, each issue of Seed World U.S. features a thought-provoking, issues-based look at specific industry concerns as well as regular departments that ensure each reader has a customized experience.

The magazine for the U.S. seed industry that delivers real marketing, lead generation and custom media solutions for today’s innovative businesses supplying products and services to this lucrative $12 billion market.

With information, advice and ideas covering virtually every business aspect of the U.S. seed market, Seed World U.S. is read by owners, presidents and CEOs to help them run and grow their businesses.

Seed World Canada

For over two decades, Seed World Canada has been the country’s only content provider aimed specifically at seed industry professionals. Our content continues to have two main focuses: the thousands of seed growers in Canada and the industry professionals who support the seed trade, including those involved in R&D, plant breeding, seed production, certification, testing, processing, seed enhancements and brokers. We provide readers the latest news, insights, statistics and trends that shape the Canadian seed industry, their careers and their businesses.

Seed World Europe

With tailored, seed-focused content, Seed World Europe offers specialised media that will provide unparalleled value to the industry. Our content is comprised of far more than just articles: it’s a total package that fuses current issues with compelling analysis, in addition to an array of digital offerings that take our audience to the heart of the stories that matter. Both the seed industry and world of communications are changing at a rapid pace, and that’s why Seed World Europe is committed to being a multifaceted media platform: web, magazine, mobile and video provide multiple channels through which to consume practical information, ideas and solutions that matter to your business.

With strong numbers for domestic markets, seed imports and international seed exports, Europe’s seed industry is thriving.

Seed World Latin America

Seed World Latin America is committed to delivering insightful and business-critical editorial and industry analysis, as well as global trends and perspectives from industry leaders to our readers. We’re proud to align with key industry associations to best serve the Latin American marketplace. 

Communications for a growing world

Our business has been built on this tagline for 25 years. It is our touchstone for the new ideas we explore and the work we do. Our mission statement has shifted over the years as our company has evolved but this tagline has always rung true. Our business is communications – both print and digital focused – and our audience is you the growing world of seed and agriculture industry professionals, regulators, educators and farmers.

Seed World Media is comprised of five core media properties and their numerous digital and print offerings serving many countries. With highly sought after, issues-based content our audiences trust Seed World Media to deliver business critical industry information and insights.

We support businesses serving the global seed industry by creating customized strategy, processes, digital tools and content that increase sales and productivity. We are driven to connect our partners with their customers and position them as experts in their field.