Highly targeted print and digital media for seed professionals.

Featuring four major seed media properties across several continents, we’ll get your relevant industry content into the right hands. Highly targeted print and digital media for seed professionals.

Seed World U.S.

Seed World U.S. is the go-to print media in the United States, distributed six times a year to over 9,000 seed professionals. It provides insightful coverage of industry concerns, customized for every reader. Offering real marketing and lead generation solutions for businesses in the $7 billion U.S. seed market, it’s a must-read for industry leaders, published 6 times a year.


Seed World Canada

Seed World Canada engages with seed growers, distributors, and industry suppliers, focusing on the latest developments in the Canadian seed sector and the germination process. With over 17 years of leadership, it consistently provides engaging, pertinent content to the Canadian seed industry, offering the latest news, interviews, statistics, and trends in each issue. Published five times a year, Seed World Canada is the trusted resource for seed professionals across the country.

Seed World Europe

Seed World Europe delivers tailored, seed-centric content and specialized media of immense value to the industry. Our offerings go beyond mere articles, encompassing current issues analyzed compellingly and heartfelt stories that resonate deeply. In a rapidly evolving landscape for the seed industry and communication, Seed World Europe serves as a versatile media platform, featuring web, magazine, mobile, and video content, ensuring practical information, ideas, and solutions are always at your fingertips. Published quarterly.


Seed World Latin America

Seed World Latin America is committed to delivering insightful and business-critical editorial and industry analysis, as well as global trends and perspectives from industry leaders to our readers. We’re proud to align with key industry associations to best serve the Latin American marketplace. As a multifaceted media company, we offer our readers access to industry-specific content through our magazine, our website, our newsletter and our library of digital content: podcasts, video, social media and more. Published two times a year.

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