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How I use the Power of my Tablet to Bring Ideas to Life

Vice-President, Sales,

Rod is a farm boy from Pilot Mound, Man. He obtained his marketing and management degree from Dakota College at Bottineau in North Dakota, where he also played hockey, which taught him the importance of being a strong team member and working toward a common goal. Rod joined Nexeed in 2001.

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Whether I’m at an in-person meeting or working with someone remotely, my tablet is never far. It’s what I use to take the ideas I generate and turn them into three-dimensional renderings. I also use it to share photos of existing projects we have worked on to show prospective customers exactly how we can bring their dreams to life. I call it RodPad.

Here’s what got me hooked on 3D visuals and the RodPad concept. Back around 2010 or so, I was working on a personal landscaping project. We invited a salesperson from a landscaping company to come to our home, and he taught me the power of having that tablet at the ready.

All the companies I’d dealt with previously tried to explain their ideas to me, but I couldn’t quite visualize what they were telling me. This fellow brought out his tablet and everything changed for me.

I’m a very visual person, and it was a huge help to me to be able to see those detailed images that he presented. We ended up choosing that company and had a very good experience because of the concepts that he had on his mobile device. That hooked me on the idea of having the perfect visual to show a prospective customer.

That was over a decade ago, and you can imagine how tablet technology in general has improved since then. Time has allowed me to build my own library of visual stories in the form of drawings, 3D visuals and photos.

Typically, when I’m at a trade show or face-to-face meeting, I will stop and talk with someone about what they’re looking to do. I will flip the tablet open and show them examples from my personal library.

During Zoom meetings, I can pull up anything on my tablet and share it on the screen. This is hugely effective for making rough drawings into specific images and sharing them over the internet.

Like my colleague Ryan Floyde said in his recent Insiders column, seeing is believing. RodPad has made all the difference for our customers because they don’t have to imagine what we can do for them.

According to research done by the University of Pittsburgh, visual aids have a number of benefits. They:

  • Improve audience understanding and memory
  • Provide clearer organization of ideas
  • Facilitate more eye contact and motion by the speaker, which aids in the communication process
  • Bolster to speaker credibility

Working with an equipment supplier who can literally turn your ideas into reality makes all the difference. Never settle for just imagining what something might look like when you deserve to see it in front of your eyes. A tech-savvy provider who knows how to work a tablet can give you a “tour” of all their designs, and you don’t have to leave your truck or even your chair.