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At Seed World Group, our goal isto offer our readers access to industry-specific content how and when readers want it. To meet today’s digital-first reality, we offer Seed World Canada’s content online through our website, directly to inboxes through our newsletter, and via various social media channels. Now, we’re excited to be introducing Seed World Canada’s voice on Instagram, too.

Seed World Canada has a critical role to play in sharing information, connecting various parts of the value chain, growing the seed network and building thought leadership: all key pieces that allow the Canadian seed sector to grow and prosper. Instagram allows us another avenue to deliver the most timely, relevant seed industry news, insight and perspective to our readers. Just as importantly, it allows readers to engage directly with our content, shaping and informing the kind of features and insight we deliver.

“Social media is where most people get their information these days,” says Marc Zienkiewicz, Seed World Canada’s senior editor. “I’m a tried-and-true journalist who loves to provide good, reliable info. Social platforms like Instagram compliment that: they let me keep readers up to date on platforms that I know they use every day. To be able to get quality content in front of them on these platforms is a very effective way of communicating.”

Who should follow Seed World Canada on Instagram?

“I’d really recommend every part of Canada’s seed industry value chain look to Seed World Canada’s Instagram as a go-to resource for the stories, people and information shaping the seed industry,” he says. “Want to keep up with trends, check out the latest in research and engage with seed industry leaders? Seed World Canada’s Instagram is the place to be.”

Please engage and interact with us through our social channels, including Instagram! Your input, questions, comments and perspective are key to how we constantly adapt our content to best suit the needs of our always changing seed industry. Ready to get started? Check us out on Instagram!