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Celebrating European Biotech Week 2018


EuropaBio is delighted to announce European Biotech Week 2018. Between 24 – 30 of September, the EU will, for the sixth time,  witness a week packed full of biotech-focused activities and events. European Biotech Week will be held alongside simlar initiatives, planned across four continents as part of Global Biotech Week.

This year, we build on the success of European Biotech Week 2017, where a record-breaking number of 19 European countries held over 150 events and activities. This annual initiative, aimed at increasing dialogue around and understanding of biotech, comprises of a diverse set of activities that include open doors visits, symposiums, round table discussions, fun runs, flashmobs, competitions, roving labs, theatre plays, hands-on experiments and much more.

Commenting on the event, Chair of EuropaBio, Tjerk de Ruiter, said “Biotech has been benefitting people and planet for many years now, providing solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges. It helps us to use our resources more efficiently, provides food and feed for a growing population and develops treatments for unmet medical needs. In biotech week, we take time out to celebrate these acheivements, together with a growing community of biotech enthusiasts of all ages and nationalities.’’

He concluded: ‘’One of the best things about the events that this week brings together is the creativity on show and the shared passion and enthusiasm for communicating on biotech. In the EU, we have a wealth of success stories to share which are being created by the young people studying biotech and by those innovating in this field. Ultimately, they are the ones who make Biotech week the success that it is’’

We invite you to see what is going on near you on and, and we wholeheartedly thank all the biotech supporters who have contributed to this year’s amazing programme already.

Source: EuropaBio