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Plant Breeding Winners Make It To Top Sports Finals

Director of Corporate External Affairs,

Klaus, serving as the Director of Corporate External Affairs, is in charge of strategic themes to be addressed externally to support our business. His role involves interfacing with governmental and industrial entities worldwide, representing DLF’s interests across various platforms. Key areas of focus encompass environmental impact, advancements in breeding technologies, and safeguarding intellectual property rights.
At the forefront of our green agenda, Klaus champions initiatives, establishes frameworks, and fosters collaborations aimed at showcasing the efficacy of our high performing and high quality products within broader contexts of climate and environmental sustainability.
Through his leadership, we strive to demonstrate how our portfolio can serve as a pivotal proof of concept, setting benchmarks for excellence in addressing climatic challenges and environmental stewardship

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Just like le chef de cuisine needs the right ingredients to prepare a perfect dinner, a world class football pitch needs turf varieties with the necessary traits to make it to the final.  

A lot of football fans has been following the thrilling games in the Champions League and are now looking forward to the final at Estadio Metropolitano in Madrid June 1, where either Liverpool or Tottenham Hotspur can lift the prestigious trophy. A week later and throughout June, France will host the Women’s World Cup tournament with 24 national teams with the final match played at Stade de Lyon on July 7.

These two top sport events are subject to a massive attention from millions of football fans. Turf managers do their outmost to prepare the tournament pitches with over-seeding managements to create spectacular and beautiful surfaces able to withstand wear and tear from some of the world’s best football players.

Innovative & High Scoring Plant Breeding

Recent advances in turf breeding have improved the toolbox by adding a new generation of turf grasses, that sets new standards in natural turf properties. The tetraploid turf perennial ryegrasses, known as 4turf®, have proven to be valuable ingredients to create the perfect pitch.

4turf now comprises a palette of varieties, which in addition to their 4turf properties are tailored to suit various specific needs. We are now able to supply varieties for sports or landscaping and for different climatic conditions, and turf managers can choose their favourites among several varieties with specific traits.

Sport field grasses need good wear tolerance, which is a combination between speed of establishment, density, capacity to recover, and disease tolerance. of the first outcome of a decades intense research was the two 4turf selections, Double and Tetragreen, which are well known for exceptional tolerance to winter damage and drought. These varieties were significant components at the World Cups in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018. Since then the 4turf portfolio has been complemented with a range of new stars.

Second Generation Specialized 4turf®

When it comes to turf quality, Fabian represents a perfect proof that 4turf now is able to compete with the density of the best diploid ryegrasses. Superior to the diploids, Fabian has both better adaptability and drought tolerance. Fabian is the indispensable variety in sport mixtures to solve diseases and drought stress. Contrary to common belief, drought tolerance is also important in sport field management because it allow turf managers to limit pitch irrigation, which is a key point in reducing the risks of disease attacks and the best way to reduce annual bluegrass.

Tetrastar is a real improvement for dwarf growth that reduces the clippings after each mowing. It is the best variety on visual merit due to a nice shiny green color and an impressive density.

Tetragame is the first of a new series of cultivars specially built for sport fields. It’s primary add-on is its superior wear tolerance due to a strong root system. This quality has been proven during tests at our various research locations under a wear machine management.

Tetradry is the most drought tolerant ryegrass. If you cannot succeed to kill annual bluegrass, just stop irrigation and do an overseeding with Tetradry. The speed of establishment and drought tolerance will solve the problem.

Tetradark is created for very sunny situation where the pitch seems bland. If you need to revive color of your pitch, just make the choice of Tetradark which is the perfect companion of dark tall fescues.

The new 4turf grasses are in place both in Madrid and in France to meet the requirements of turf managers, television broadcasters and the best football players. So have a look for yourself – enjoy the pitch and enjoy the game!