Seed World

VOLUME 7 ISSUE 1 – Not Just for the Silly Season

Politics and food are very intertwined these days, and every region of the world is grappling with many issues, from trade wars to regulation of crop protection products and new plant breeding techniques to drought and other effects of climate change. With the most recent round of elections in the EU over with, we are checking in with the political groups to discern how the plant breeding and seed sector is valued. In addition, we’ve inquired as to whether the existing regulations governing the new breeding techniques such as gene editing and tools such crop protection products should be changed, and if so, how. Speaking of politics, the period in a country when there is little news (often the period when its government is on holiday) is called the “silly season” and in many countries this time period carries a reference to cucumbers. Well, have we got news for you: cucumbers aren’t silly at all. They’re amazingly healthy! European Seed wanted to know more about this interesting crop and spoke with a number of experts for their insights.