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Head of Fodder Markets & Service Plants,

Guy Montet has 28 years of experience in the seed business. He joined Caussade Semences 25 years ago to devote himself to fodder corn as Animal Recovery Manager. Then he worked on the birth of fodder activities for the seed company in 2000 and service plants in 2007. Currently, he is Head of Fodder Markets & Service Plants within Lidea.

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Our company is working hard on developing the best varieties that can be used in cover crop mixes. But let me take a step back and explain first what these are. Cover crops are plants that are grown with the main purpose to cover the soil, rather than for the purpose of being harvested.

These crops protect the agricultural land against erosion and nutrient losses and immobilise nitrogen in such a way that it remains available in the soil after the harvest of the main crop for the next main crop. Through soil carbon sequestration (building up the organic carbon content of the soil) and reducing emissions from fertiliser production, these cover crops are an excellent tool to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and enhance climate change mitigation. As such they are contributing to the EU’s ambitions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

We know that 20% of the global budget of the CAP 2023 will be used for greening, so countries will be more inclined to sow cover crops. And innovation through seeds is fundamental to support this transition to new forms of agriculture, in line with the “European Green Deal”.

From our side, I am happy to say that Lidea has been working hard to develop products for this expanding and emerging market. Our contribution is to provide new high-performance genetics adapted to these new environmental and qualitative expectations, to offer solutions and cultivation practices that meet the new and future needs of farmers (plant cover, companion plants, establishment under cover, soil disinfection, etc.).

We have more than 20 years of expertise in cover crops, and our company is offering various solutions to the farmers. Through our genetics and our ready-to-use solutions, we wish to share our knowledge on the design of variety and species mixtures intended for:

  • The preservation of fauna and more specifically to crop auxiliaries to better regulate pests. To that end, our AUXIL.COUV composition aims to multiply by 7, the number of auxiliaries on the plot;
  • The production of carbon-free energy. Our METHANI.COUV solutions were awarded in the innovation competition at the Biogaz Europe trade fair in 2020;
  • Promoting carbon storage (long-lasting fodder mixtures);
  • Protecting and improving soil fertility and promote soil life;
  • Fighting against erosion and facilitating the recycling of nutrients. Up to 150 units of nitrogen captured and more than 50 units returned to the next crop with our NITRO.COUV solution;
  • Contributing to the regulation of certain diseases, pests and weeds. Our CS FUMIGATOR.COUV solution makes it possible to reduce the populations of Meloidogyne nematodes by more than 95%.

We have a strong desire and commitment, to guarantee the economic sustainability of farms while facing demographic, societal, climatic and environmental challenges. It is essential to ensure a sufficient level of qualitative agricultural production, respectful of the environment and the expectations of consumers.