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Agronomix Software joins Cultura Technologies

Cultura Technologies has acquired Agronomix Software. Cultura Technologies supports and grows agri-food software companies like Agronomix, allowing them to be clear leaders in their respective industries.

Cultura are agricultural experts with extensive experience working in the global Agri-Food software market with over 14 companies and 3000+ ag customers in seven countries worldwide. Agronomix has a global presence, with over 100 clients across 40 countries; their software is also multilingual, with seven languages available.

Agronomix offers specialised software for plant breeding, variety testing, and seed development with Genovix¨: The new plant breeding and seed inventory software offers a comprehensive solution for all stages of variety testing, including data management and trial creation, as well as field plans, statistical analyses, selection decisions, bioinformatics, and final reports.

“We are excited to become part of the Cultura Technologies LLC group of companies,” said Christopher Leonard, President of Agronomix.”Joining Cultura gives our employees and customers an opportunity to leverage global business resources and realize synergies with grain and produce companies, and their customers. The net result for Agronomix as a Cultura company will be a stronger market presence in the global plant breeding and seeds industry, to the ultimate benefit of our clients globally.”