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Preserving the Maximum Corn Yield Potential from the Start? Here’s How!

Late Corn Market Manager,

Vincent Luxi worked in the seed business for more than 10 years and joined Caussade Semences for 6 years in the sales team. He worked in France with different distributors and farmers especially in organic production. Currently, he is Late Corn Market Manager within Lidea.

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BOOST & GO maize is an innovative seed treatment solution, consisting of several cumulative action modes, allowing the farmer to preserve the genetic potential of the crop from the earliest stages. This solution for corn combines:

  • CROP PROTECTION which helps the plant protect itself against the main pests.
  • NUTRIENTS ASSOCIATION which boosts the starting period with a combination of essential nutrients in the maize’s early stages, to have a quick emergence and rapid growth.
  • BIOSTIMULANT supports the development of the plant. Better root development promotes more efficient use of the mineral elements available in the soil.
  • SPECIFIC COATING brings a better global aspect of the seeds, better application and repartition around the seeds, and more security for the user through better dust control.

BOOST & GO´s objective is to secure the early stages of corn. Farmers are confronted with emergence and development difficulties every year. These problems can be linked to their cultivation practices but are mainly linked to the soil and climate conditions: cold and rain, insects, or bird attacks at sowing time. BOOST & GO will help farmers go through these steps successfully to preserve their yield by a preservation of the number of plants.

This year, even more than usual, farmers will want to plant earlier to avoid stress during the maize flowering period, so BOOST & GO will be even more important to secure the early stages.

The benefits of this solution start from the early stages of maize development. It significantly improves leaf cover by 11 per cent (internal trials France 2022) especially in very difficult situations due to a better emergence and better preservation of population plants. Plant nutrition is also greatly improved, particularly in terms of nitrogen, thanks to greater root development (+7.8 per cent in internal trials in France in 2022) and therefore better exploration of the environment. Finally, we observe a better efficiency of mineral elements.

We observe at the end an increase in average yield for corn near four per cent! So, BOOST & GO helps the crop during the cycle.

After the first year since the launch, we got feedback from farmers, in particular, through a survey we conducted in Europe with 173 farmers this spring. Ninety-one per cent of farmers who were testing this solution were satisfied. They identified three main reasons for their satisfaction: the quick start, the plant development, and the early vigour. It’s linked to the benefits we identified so we are very confident about the future! According to the survey, among the most satisfied farmers, 86 per cent are ready to resow varieties treated with BOOST & GO. It’s the way of working for Lidea to meet the farmer’s needs!