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Research Projects, Concrete Tasks Ahead for Euroseeds

Marcel Bruins, the Editorial Director for European Seed, sat down with Amelie Detterbeck (technical expert BRESOV at Euroseeds) at the Euroseeds 2022 Congress to talk about the top tasks ahead for Euroseeds on the BRESOV project in the future.

Euroseeds is currently primarily focused on three tasks currently: communication, dissemination and exploitation, says Detterbeck.

“In communication, my colleagues are mainly working on the communication strategy for this research project, which means to raise awareness about the projects, via different channels — communication channels, social media, web pages,” she says.

Detterbeck said they are also creating communication materials for their partners and setting the goals as to which audience should be reached, how many people, and what are the key performance indicators.

“The second step is the dissemination of the project results, which comes when the results are already out. So the researchers who developed their results go to conferences, produce the publications of the results, which are then discriminated by the broader public also.”

She said it is Euroseeds’ role to report the results to the European Commission.

The third step is the exploitation of the results, which is to make real use of the results that were created in the research projects.

In terms of exploitation, Detterbeck says the relevance of these projects, as well as Horizon Europe, are increasing. She said there needs to be a mid to long term effect of the results so they are not remaining on the shelf, but creating an impact with it being used.

“It can be a societal use, economic use, an environmental use, political use — different ways of using these results,” she said. The goal is to make use of the results for policy, better practice and new products as well.

To hear more about the project, watch the interview above.