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Head of Human Resources,

With 24 years’ experience, Béatrice Duverneuil is head of Human Resources at Lidea, where she leads human resources and social policy at the international level for the company’s 2,000 employees. With a double master’s degree in HR and management of organisations undergoing change, Béatrice began her career in the tourism and travel sector, before joining the Euralis Group in 2014. A true example of internal mobility and promotion, she has held six different positions within Euralis Gastronomie and Lidea, and in 2022, moved to the position of HR Director of Lidea. Béatrice combines her interest in change management and organisational transformation with her passion for psychology, to support Lidea’s social, human and organisational transformations.

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The continuous evolution of companies leads to unavoidable structural and human changes. To support managers in these transitional phases, management tools are often deployed to empower them in their role as team leader or expert.

Lidea has experienced several transformations in recent years: the merger of two companies that led to its creation, and more recently, the launch of a new strategy. To support these changes, Lidea introduced a Leadership Model, at the beginning of the company, a management and corporate culture tool designed to guide managers and employees in their day-to-day work.

To date, almost 220 international managers have been trained in this Leadership model, which is based on 5 complementary and fundamental pillars that make up the DNA of the Lidea manager: 

  • Setting context & Giving meaning
  • Strategy Thinking & Acting 
  • Developing people
  • Being customer-oriented 
  • Driving results

Integrated into Lidea’s culture, the individual objectives defined during the annual interview are aligned with this approach. Each objective is based on the five fundamental principles of the leadership model, ensuring that each employee’s development is aligned with the company’s strategic vision.

At Lidea, we firmly believe that leadership development is also based on self-knowledge. One of the key elements of this training programme is the “DISC” personality assessment, which provides a grid for reading human behaviour. This tool allows our employees to become aware of their key behavioural and communication mechanisms, as well as their driving forces, thereby improving their interpersonal skills on an individual, collective and commercial level.

As part of its ongoing transformation, Lidea is launching the second phase of its Leadership Model. It supports its employees in developing their change management skills using tools such as the feedback methodology. This approach aims to strengthen the company’s cohesion and culture.

Like every one of our seeds, corporate and managerial culture is cultivated at Lidea!