Seed World Introduces Free Globally-Themed Weekly E-Newsletter  

Your one-stop resource for what’s new, notable and relevant across the global seed industry.

Anyone who’s been in the seed business for any time at all knows that seed is a global business. It doesn’t matter what crop type or what part of the seed value chain we’re talking about: understanding how business is done in different areas is critical to everyone’s success. What happens in any one region shapes, influences and informs every other region. 

At Seed World, we’re committed to sharing information, perspectives and insights from across the seed value chain: local, regional and global. Readers may already be familiar with our free regional newsletters: Seed World Europe (weekly), Seed World Canada (weekly), and Seed World U.S. Daily. Note: If you are not yet signed up for your and other regions, sign up here:

Now, we’re excited to bring you an all-new, globally-themed weekly newsletter that showcases the perspectives and issues that are most relevant and timely in key seed regions around the world. If you’re already signed up for one or more of our regional newsletters, you’ll automatically receive our weekly globally-themed newsletter too. 

The roll-out of this new global newsletter coincides with our official unveiling of our brand new SeedWorld.comwebsite, an online consolidation of our seed publications under one unified banner. Whether online, via e-newsletters, in print and through social media, we are the one-stop source of everything you need to know about the seed industry today. Together, let’s embrace the exciting future of the seed industry, where Seed World stands as the epicenter of knowledge, connection, and growth.

Welcome and enjoy!