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Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it is always the right thing! Shawn remains committed to this concept and knows very clearly that he has surrounded himself with a superbly talented group of colleagues at Seed World Group. With a keen focus on solutions, Shawn utilizes his more than 20-plus years of management experience across multiple private and public sector industries to help share and shape the ag communications landscape. Travelling extensively around the world provides a huge network and global experiences to help clients find solutions to enhance their businesses and increase their return on investment. Content is king and execution is critical – for all of us.

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If you are lucky, you have one of those friends who “knows someone” who can help in just about any situation, someone who is a trusted expert or authority and who has built a relationship with them and has proven their expertise on the topic.

As a business owner, this is a great position to be in, to be viewed as that expert people turn to when they need help. So how do you position yourself as the authority that customers turn to?

1. Focus on a Niche: Pick a niche that narrowly focuses in on your ideal clients and what they need or want. The upside to being so specialized is that you can zero in on solving the specific challenges and needs of your ideal clients.

2. Choose the Best Channels: Once you have chosen your niche, you must also select the best channels to share your knowledge and expertise. While you should always have a website full of relevant and insightful content, which can also help build your customer database, you will need to determine what other channels are being used by your community, including social media.

3. Provide Real Value: Always ask yourself: what’s in it for them? Think about your content from the customer’s perspective. If there is no clear benefit for them, then why will they read it? It also means not holding back. Share your best knowledge with your audience. By establishing yourself as an authority, they will happily recommend you to others.

4. Be Consistent: Consistency is a key component to establishing your reputation as an authority and building the trust that comes with that reputation. Start with having a consistent brand and a voice that you use in all of your content and marketing materials. Create and post content regularly that helps the customer to be more successful.

5. Engage Your Community: Finally, be open and engaging with your industry. Make an effort to celebrate the wins of individuals with your sector as well as share the content that they create when relevant and appropriate. Being the authority on your topic does not mean that it is all about you or that you know everything.

While it takes time and work to position yourself as an authority on your topic, the benefits you receive will be worth the investment. As the trusted expert, you will be the first choice in the minds of your industry when it comes time to invest in the products and services you offer.