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Are Your Marketing Dollars Getting You the Desired Results?

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Marketing is a complex and ever-evolving process. It can be daunting to determine which metrics will provide the most accurate picture of your return on investment (ROI). Whether you are evaluating campaign performance or tracking sales leads, the key to obtaining meaningful results is by developing an effective strategy. This would include clearly defining your goals and selecting the appropriate metrics to measure their success.

Maybe your goal has a monetary value such as increased sales, or perhaps it’s qualitative such as creating larger brand following. Depending on the type of goals and the mediums used to deliver your marketing efforts, you will need to identify the best metrics to gauge the progress to reaching your goal. In general, there are five key types of metrics that can be used to evaluate the success of a marketing campaign:

  • Lead Metrics: Used to measure the ROI of a marketing campaign.
  • Conversion Metrics: Used to determine how many customers make a purchase after engaging with your campaign.
  • Revenue Metrics: How much money a company makes as a result of its marketing efforts.
  • Engagement Metrics: Measures how many people interact with you content and take action as a result. This includes time viewing, likes, clicks and shares.
  • Social Metrics: One of the most accurate metrics in measuring brand awareness, brand mentions and branded search.

It is vitally important to choose goals and metrics that are meaningful to helping you grow business. And like with any marketing, you can’t just “set it and forget it”.

Identify your goals clearly and why you want to achieve them. Carefully select metrics to gauge your progress along the way. Invest the time and effort  to measure and monitor your marketing metrics and identify if you are on track to surpassing your goals. Adjust and adapt your program as needed or consider running an A/B test. Remember though, if you don’t track the results of your efforts, you’ll never figure out what you’re doing wrong or more importantly the things you got right!