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Seed World Group Welcomes New LATAM Associate Editor

Look at us grow again! Seed World Group is delighted to introduce Elena Mansur O’Dowd, our new (but not new to the seed industry) associate editor in Chile. 

Elena Mansur O’Dowd

As Associate Editor for Seed World LATAM, Elena brings a wealth of experience rooted in her upbringing within her family-owned Mansur Agricultural Service, a respected institution specializing in contra-season plant breeding and research services in Chile. This early exposure gave her an appreciation for the complexities of the seed sector and cultivated her understanding of the agricultural landscape and the intricacies of the industry. 

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Linguistics and a master’s degree in Cross-cultural Communication from the prestigious University of Sydney, Elena possesses a diverse educational background that enables her to bridge cultural gaps effectively and foster meaningful connections.

Her deep understanding of regional priorities, combined with her commitment to excellence, equips her well to navigate the dynamic landscape of the seed industry. Seed World LATAM readers can rely on Elena to be a dedicated advocate for the Latin American seed sector, disseminating essential information to stakeholders across the region and around the world.

Welcome, Elena!

With Elena on the team, Seed World LATAM is now even better positioned to share the news, insights and thought leadership that shape Latin America’s seed industry. If you’d like to reach out to Elena with questions, story ideas, perspectives or comments, she’s available at