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7 New Forage Products Enter Dairyland Seed’s Lineup

Dairyland seed announces six new corn silage hybrids and one new alfalfa product for the 2018 planting season.

“The highlights for these new products are the new genetics and expanded trait packages,” says T.J. Strachota, Dairyland Seed marketing leader. “The addition of these products helps round out our portfolio and serve more growers. We are excited to offer more options and greater flexibility for our farmers.”

Dairyland Seed’s new varieties were tested in silage plots last year and picked for their superior tonnage and improved milk-per-acre.

“Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t simply take our best grain hybrid and turn it into a silage hybrid,” adds Strachota. “We develop our HiDF hybrids uniquely for silage, so our farmers are getting a product tailored to the nutritional needs of their herds.”

Each of these products can be seen at research tours and field days throughout the Midwest this fall. Here’s a closer look at each of the individual new products:

  • HiDF-3099RA, 99 SM has huge tonnage potential. This extremely tall hybrid can handle the tough acres. It has an excellent milk per acre ranking and a semiflex ear which provides population flexibility. This hybrid uses SmartStax traits.
  • HiDF-4099PRE, 99 SM is the PowerCore Enlist trait version of HiDF-3099RA. It’s also extremely tall with huge tonnage potential that can handle tough acres. It gets an excellent milk-per-acre ranking and the semi-flex ear provides population flexibility.
  • HiDF-4808E, 108 SM uses HiDF-3808RA genetics and Enlist weed control technology. This high-tonnage producer features a girthy, flex ear with response to high fertility. It boasts a high starch content, strong NDFd scores and an extremely soft kernel.
  • HiDF-3211RA, 111 SM is a tough, rugged hybrid that can handle variable conditions. It has elite drought tolerance and a girthy, flex ear style with soft doughy kernels. This hybrid performs across all geographies, north to south and east to west, with a strong foliar health package and SmartStax technology.
  • HiDF-3413, 113 SM is a conventional HiDF hybrid with strong NDFd scores and a good foliar health package. It is extremely tall with top-end tonnage and high starch content. This hybrid also shows very good emergence and early vigor.
  • HiDF-3915SSX, 115 SM is an extremely tall, high tonnage hybrid with good drought tolerance and a long, flex-style ear. It produces solid digestibility numbers and uses SmartStax technology.
  • Magnum 8 is a conventional alfalfa. It boasts the highest yielding, non-hybrid genetics with the unique ability to produce high yields across multiple environments. This alfalfa exhibits high levels of resistance to most diseases. It is a highly digestible forage resulting in high RFQ scores. Magnum 8 also contains resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 2.