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Status Israel: ADAMA and ALRISE Biosystems Collaborate on R&D

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ADAMA, a leading global crop protection company, and ALRISE Biosystems, a drug-delivery company focused on advanced microencapsulation of active ingredients, announced the signature of an R&D agreement to develop new innovative and sustainable crop protection products with ALRISE’s proprietary ImSus encapsulation technology.

Through this partnership, ADAMA and ALRISE aim to deliver new, highly effective crop protection products to farmers with a lower dose of active ingredients.

“ALRISE has been active in the field of pharmaceuticals for more than 16 years. The collaboration with ADAMA opens a whole new range of applications,” stated Dr. Volker Rindler, ALRISE’s Managing Director. “We are pleased to offer our technology to a world leader in the agrochemical field and to contribute to developing innovative and sustainable crop protection products to meet the demand for more environmentally friendly solutions,” Dr. Heiko Seemann, ALRISE’s Managing Director, added