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Infinite Shades of Color Possibility and Dispersion

With infinite color shade possibilities, available in liquid, powder and granular forms, Clariant’s Agrocer® has a product for all seed color applications.

Standing by the promise to appreciate customers’ needs by providing competitive and innovative solutions, Clariant’s Agrocer® affords its customers a full range of economical and outstanding colorant options.

The Agrocer® range of colors encompasses the six most globally significant color indices used in agricultural application. And since a All global Agrocer® products are exempt from the requirement of a CFR tolerance, all Agrocer® colorant products may and can be used on food crops. The range of colors are highly suited for use in seed treatment pesticide formulations, especially when high solid content is desired, and for the coloration of seed coating products.

Using the six color indices, in Agrocer® you can combine the different products to create any shade of color, in any application a customer may have. The addition of white, black or pearlescent pigments allows for further customization and creativity.

Widely used throughout the world, Pigment Red 112 was not recognized in the U.S. before Clariant’s successful petition to the EPA for clearance. Prior to this, global companies were forced to utilize different red pigments in formulations for color treated products exiting or entering the U.S to and from Europe.

In 2016, Agrocer® streamlined the formulation process of globally marketed color treated products with the addition of Pigment Red 112 and Pigment Yellow 1. The two color offerings completed the globally accepted colorant line-up. With Agrocer® Red 112 and Agrocer® Yellow 001, companies now have the ability to use one color formulation for color treated products, no matter where they will be marketed.

As an added benefit, the addition of a globally accepted Pigment Red 112 also created a pigment option in the U.S. with a greater stability and color strength over that of its predecessor, Pigment Red 48:2.

With the approval of Pigment Yellow 1, a broadened color spectrum for seed coloration and agro-products was created, allowing for the formulation of any shade of color.

Mark Self, market segment manager for Clariant’s Agrocer® says that the universal marketing potential, combined with the compatibility and similarity all Agrocer® colorants share, is an added value of the Agrocer® color range.

“The beauty of the Agrocer® range lies in the fact that they are all so similar; you don’t have to worry about incompatibility in a formulation,” he says. “A customer can blend any of the colors, in any formula, because all of the colors are interchangeable and have, relatively, high color load strength—meaning that a formulator can achieve the desired shade with minimal addition of color.”

Available in liquid, granular and powdered options, the different handling forms compliment any level of expertise or technical capacity a customer site may have.

From a stir-in ready product, for the simplest ease of use, to pure pigment powders for refined millings and grinding, Agrocer® has colorants formulated to work with the active ingredients of your product.

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