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Jonathan Shaver

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Jonathan Shaver

Jonathan combines his passion for technology and agriculture with his coaching expertise to help organizations and leaders become successful at all levels of management. By pairing up with Jonathan, you’ll achieve new levels of success in developing the people around you.

I partner with talent management professionals to transform high-performing technical specialists into successful people-leaders. Combining my agricultural science background, corporate experience, teaching and relationship skills, I can quickly understand your organization’s business to build strong relationships. A knowing and trusting relationship is necessary to ask clients to do the hard work of building new skills, using their time differently, and embracing values that will bring them and the organization the greatest success.

In this transition to leadership, technical experts must learn to:

  • Delegate
  • Provide clear expectations
  • Communicate and support change
  • Build powerful teams
  • Lead effective performance reviews
  • Pre-think difficult conversations
  • Run effective meetings
  • Motivate direct reports
  • Influence superiors
  • Maintain work/life balance
  • Engage across generations
  • Prioritize increasing workloads
  • Create strategy
  • Workforce management

As a former research scientist for Monsanto, Jonathan knows that building a strong foundation of skills and behaviors in the early people-leader roles will foster the development of a senior leadership team and a company culture that values and rewards the time and effort it takes to empower and motivate employees to maximize innovation and productivity.