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Quality Crops, Serving the EU and Beyond

Strategically located in Braila, Braila County, Romania, Quality Crops is at the forefront of the European Union’s seed industry. Due to the country’s climate and location, Romania has become a hot spot for seed production, and according to Quality Crops’ owner and CEO, Manuel Coronado, their location is part of their success story.

“Our business operations are based in Romania, location selected for its very specific benefits – Romania has become the new frontier for seed production due to its climate, rich soils, experienced work force and low cost base relative to other European countries,” Coronado says. “The country’s status as a member of the European Union and its proximity to Eastern markets also provides European seed companies with a vital competitive advantage.”

He says they have built a network of top-performing seed producers in the counties of Braila, Iasi, Ialomita, Calarasi and Teleorman. Located in the eastern part of the country, this region has the most fertile soils and the most experienced seed growers in Romania.

Production and Logistics

Working with experienced seed growers, Quality Crops has built a network of top-performing seed producers to obtain the best quality for their seeds. And why wouldn’t they? At Quality Crops, not only are their seedsmen top notch, but their experienced production team are working hard behind the scenes. Quality Crops supplies complete seed processing lines for all major crops. As well, a brand-new modern storage space for ready-to-treat seed and for finished-seed allows Quality Crops to handle more than 3,000 tones per season.

“Throughout our two production lines (sunflowers, soybeans, corn, rapeseed) we can supply solutions for cleaning and grading, assuring gentle handling and strict genuine sorting accuracy, without any danger of mixing sorts,” says Coronado. “We are also using color sorting which allows us to detect and remove each seed with possible defects that might affect seed germination or seedling vigor.

“We have the ability to accurately apply a variety of seed treatments at their specific rates which is vital to ensure adequate product performance, while minimizing costs and having a positive impact on the environment.”

With a logistics support team who is able to ship seeds to every part of the European Union — with official documentation — deliveries are also made to non-EU countries.

“As a reliable supplier of high-quality non-GMO seeds, Quality Crops has secured an increasing number of clients from throughout the European Union, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia and even the U.S.”

“We carry out rigorous and on-time field controls at different stages of crop growth to ensure that there are no circumstances which might affect the seeds to be harvested,” he says. “We have developed an online system which offers real-time access to our clients to the info related to field and plant activities.”

Coronado says Quality Crops is the first full seed production service company in Romania, offering to international seed companies a unique combination of specialist skills in seed production, expertise in international business, and an intimate knowledge of the local market.

“Our state-of-the-art seed conditioning plant, staffed by our experience production team, and our network of top seed growers can provide a complete outsourcing solution,” he says.

With the outsourcing, not only does Quality Crops have the capacity to cover all the activities from sowing the first seed to delivery of the final processed products, but risk is minimized due to the specialist skills of their team, and the combination of our experience, connections and knowledge of the local market. Using local resources allows Quality Crops to minimize their environmental impact.

Experience, knowledge and trust are the three pillars on which Quality Crops has built it success in the seed production services industry. Quality Crops has been rapidly growing since established in 2004 and shows no signs of slowing down.

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