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SureFlex Hybrids Is Introducing 24 Non-GMO Conventional Hybrids

SureFlex Hybrids is introducing 24 non-GMO conventional hybrids for commercial release this year, the largest such release in decades. All 24 hybrids will be priced at $97 per bag, delivered. That per-bag price gives SureFlex an average price-point of $60 per bag pricing advantage over the rest of the market.

“SureFlex develops the hybrids, grows, harvests and packages our seed, sells it for $97 per bag and ships directly to the farmer,” Mitch Rowe, SureFlex CEO, says. “How’s that for efficiency? And there’s no fine print, no asterisks about added costs and fees. Anything else simply adds more layers of costs to the farmer. In fact, every one of our $97 bags of corn comes in a plain brown bag, because we don’t think the farmer should have to pay for fancy designs and artwork. We attach a label with all the important information the farmer needs.”

Rowe adds that SureFlex owns its own germplasm and has the ability to operate with no restrictions for any form of licensing agreements, including the ability to grant private brand-labeling opportunities.

“Because we are 100% independently owned and operated, we understand the importance of the farmer’s bottom line,” Rowe says. “We provide what they need from a seed company, without the rules and regulations that others are restricted by. In other words, we own our seed. There are no royalties or licensing fees being kicked back to the big three and that’s one of the big reasons why we can sell our seed to the farmer at the price we do.”