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Coming in 2020: The Optimal Soybean Trait Combination

As the frequency and distribution of herbicide weed resistance increases, options for farmers or ag professionals generally decrease. Fortunately, the selection of tools to battle back against problem weeds is due to expand in the new crop season. Bayer Crop Science will bring their new XtendFlex® soybeans to market in 2020, pending European approval. XtendFlex soybeans feature tolerance to three different modes of action—glyphosate, dicamba and glufosinate.

“One of our goals here at Bayer is to continue to bring farmers new technology that helps them face challenges on their farm. XtendFlex soybeans will be a new tool to help them manage resistant and tough-to-control weeds,” says Lisa Streck, Soybean Launch Lead for Bayer.

“XtendFlex Soybeans will provide growers with herbicide flexibility, giving them different herbicide options for over the top applications in their soybean fields.”

Bayer’s well-known seed genetics will help bring the new technology to market. “XtendFlex Soybeans are built on the proven, high-yielding performance of our Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology that farmers know and trust. We have made significant investment in our XtendFlex Soybean pipeline to deliver strong agronomic performance in high-yielding varieties across all maturity groups,” Streck says.

Those farmers who have had the chance to trial XtendFlex technology over the past two years have been impressed with the results. “Some have referred to XtendFlex Soybeans as the optimal trait combination,’” she notes.

Plans for a robust field trial program in 2020 are underway and Streck encourages growers and ag professionals to attend field day events in the summer to see the industry’s first triple-stack soybean for themselves.

“We’re really excited for this launch and the ability to give growers an opportunity to experience XtendFlex Soybeans,” Streck says.

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