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IPSA Announces Todd Martin Continuing as CEO

Todd Martin

On Jan. 14, 2020, the Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) announced that Todd Martin would remain at IPSA as CEO. 

“We are very thrilled to announce that Todd will be staying on as our CEO, and we look forward to having him on our organization,” says Jeff Meints, IPSA president and president of Titan Pro.

On August 26, 2019, Martin announced his resignation with IPSA. During a strategic planning meeting with IPSA in October, the Board of Directors asked Martin to reconsider his resignation.

“During that strategic planning meeting, we identified the challenges and struggles that were facing the independent sector,” Meints says. “It was very clear that Todd was the right person to lead the organization. When we saw his passion and his desire, the board unanimously asked Todd to reconsider his resignation.”

“It’s been an interesting few months,” Martin says. “I’ve been very humbled by the board’s continuous support.

“There’s no doubt as I’ve shared with you that the strategic planning meeting was something I’ve been looking forward to for a couple of years … We were able to reevaluate where not only IPSA stands, but also where the seed market is. As we looked at that, no doubt there were challenges, but clearly there were opportunities as well. That’s where I can get reenergized and where I can encourage many of you to be reenergized as well.

“We know that prevent planting and the weather was disastrous for us in 2019, and yet, even in the midst of all that trouble, I know that many of you grew your businesses last year,” Martin says. “That’s where we find our encouragement and understand the strength of the independents. I’m honored to continue as CEO, and I very much appreciate all of the support you all have given me.”