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Seed World Innovation Webinar Series: Yes to Seed Treatment, but…What about Microplastics?

Microplastic is raising a huge amount of interest. All around the globe there is growing concern, and this concern is present both in the scientific community as well as in the lay press. This webinar will be about a recently evolved topic, microplastics in seed. Rob Pronk and Marta Dobrowolska from seed enhancer Incotec will give you a comprehensive update of what is coming our way. What is microplastic (and what is not), what is the impact for the seed industry and what are possible solutions.

What we’ll cover in this event…

• What is microplastic?
• What is microplastic in seed treatment (and what is not)?
• What challenges we expect in legislation, when and where?
• What will be the impact?
• What are possible alternatives and when might they become available?
• Incotec is the seed enhancement company, independently providing solutions through innovative technologies and services, focusing on customer needs.   Contributing to feeding the world by getting the utmost out of seed

Meet Our Webinar Speakers:

Rob Pronk
Rob is Global Marketing Manager for Incotec. With a background in biochemistry (PhD) Rob worked in the pharmaceutical industry before joining Seed Enhancement company Incotec 10 years ago, where he has managed the Analytical Services department before leading the marketing department as Global Marketing Manager. Rob is a member of the ISF-Seed Applied Technology Committee since 3 years.

Marta Dobrowolska
Marta is Research & Technology Manager for Incotec, delivering the best in class seed enhancement solutions. She obtained her Doctor’s Degree at the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Delft University of Technology (2013) and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry at the University of Warsaw (2008). Amongst others Marta is responsible for Open Innovation collaborations with external parties like Universities and Research Institutes and is part of the Royal Chemical Society.

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