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Breeding a More Nutritional Popcorn – A Seed World Strategy Webinar & Podcast

Popcorn — it’s been the snack of the movie theater since World War II. Now, it’s moving out of the realm of movies and into our homes … In a healthier way! In this webinar, we’ll look at how popcorn is being bred for its nutritional quality, and how seed companies are responding to the demand.

What you’ll learn during this webinar:
• A look at the consumer thought when it comes to their salty snacks
• Analyze why popcorn has taken a turn to consider nutrition
• Learn how popcorn breeders are adapting

Meet Our Webinar Speakers:

Dave Holding
Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

David Holding earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at University of Sussex and a PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics from King’s College London. He came to University of Nebraska in 2009 where he has focused on functional genomics studies of endosperm development in cereals and applied methods for improving kernel quality. He uses different methods for understanding the molecular genetic basis of kernel development in Quality Protein Maize (QPM) and incorporating this knowledge into accelerated QPM breeding projects including Quality Protein Popcorn. 

Jay Hulbert
President and CEO of Ag Alumni Seed

James “Jay” Hulbert is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ag Alumni Seed, the world’s leading breeder, producer and marketer of hybrid popcorn seed. He is a seasoned executive leader who has been active in agribusiness organizations for more than three decades. Hulbert started his career at his family farm, Hulbert Farms, Inc. and since has served in national and international production, M&A, strategic planning, sales and marketing and senior leadership roles for companies such as Petoseed Co., Seminis, Inc., International Garden Products and Prosilio Partners, LLC. Hulbert has over 15 years’ experience as a CEO. He served as an Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and earned his Bachelor of Arts in history from University of Washington.