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Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, But it Does Grow in Fields

Imagine all you could do if time and money weren’t determining factors. Would you opt to hit a fancy resort’s white sand beach for weeks at a time; maybe fill long afternoons cruising in a flashy new car? The reality, as we all know, is that time and money are factors in life … and in business too. 

If money grew on trees and time was unlimited, then crop and livestock breeders and researchers might choose first to spend big money on high density chip-based arrays. Next they would invest an enormous amount of time analyzing the overwhelming datasets that come from interrogating a large number of SNPs. But – and this is the critical question – would it do their businesses the most possible good? 

Scott Weigel is one of the founding partners and VP of Sales and Marketing at AgriPlex Genomics. Scott has been involved in the agrigenomics marketplace for over 20 years and has worked for companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Kbioscience and LGC.

At Agriplex Genomics, our goal is to provide fit-for-purpose throughput. We were one of the first companies to bridge the agriculture industry’s gap between single-plex assays and high-density arrays. Rather than looking at either a very small number of SNPs with many samples, or the inverse, we aim for the mid-range ‘sweet spot’. Targeting anywhere from 50 to 3,500 loci allows us to provide researchers with enough information to be useful, but not so much that actionable results get lost in a mass of data.

The right number of SNPs in conjunction with our PlexSeq technology translates into a more cost-effective workflow. The key to our cost-effective results is that our technology is impressively simple. 

Here’s how:

Traditional sequencing requires a high level of DNA quality and depends on a complex, time-consuming protocol. In comparison, our extraction methods are far simpler than others, yet still produce reliable results. 

When it comes to sequencing, we offer further efficiency. Our technology bypasses complicated library preparation. Instead of analyzing each sample separately, we combine them into a single large pool. Our amplicon-based sequencing technology can simultaneously screen thousands of samples on a single sequencer run. Our software, downstream from the sequencing, also simplifies the analytical step. PlexSeq’s informatics are automatic: rather than producing raw data, our PlexCall software analyzes the results, providing genotypic calls and allele ratios, producing a ready-to-action report. 

Why choose Agriplex? We offer: 

Flexibility: Customers can choose analysis of between 50 and 3,500 SNPs, adding or subtracting SNPs as needed. You can use PlexSeq as a full service through our lab or as a kit in yours. 

Timeliness: We guarantee results in four to six weeks. That said, because we understand that in agriculture sometimes even days matter, we can in certain cases provide results in a customized timeline. 

Customer service: Businesses like ours depend on each and every customer relationship. That’s why we ensure that our service meets your unique needs. If you call us, we’ll answer every time. In fact, expect that we’ll be reaching out to you too. At the front end we’ll work to understand your business. Throughout your project, we’ll stay in touch to keep you updated. Finally, at the back end we’ll follow-up to ensure that the results we provided met your needs. 

High success rate: We guarantee a high percentage of data return. Using the power of next-generation sequencing, our technology produces accurate results every time. 

Best value: Our multiplexing capability provides cost-effective results that improve your workflow and maximize your program’s ultimate success. 

Whether you’re a mid-sized seed company or a large producer, partnering with Agriplex Genomics will help you harvest the best possible product from your crops and livestock.