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Advanced Biological Marketing Announces New Seed Treatment for Row Crop Industry


ABM announced the launch of a new and novel seed treatment for the row crop industry, AmpliMax. Based on a metabolite from the Trichoderma line of products, AmpliMax is a biorational seed treatment with SabrEx metabolite, yeast extract and humates providing outstanding and consistent results in the field. The new product has gone through extensive testing over the years and will be available for use on a wide range of plants including, but not limited to, row crops and cereals.

Extended Shelf Life and Increased Root Exploration

AmpliMax is compatible with chemical actives and has a low application rate, as low as .1 fluid ounces per unit of seed. It has a long shelf life, up to three years, and there are no atomizer restrictions. It represents a new technology for ABM and is formulated to supplement biological activity.

Other benefits of this new product include:

  • Outstanding drought tolerance on conventional and traited hybrids.
  • Excellent root stimulation.
  • Flexible storage and ease of application.

“We’ve spent over five years developing this product” says Dan Custis, President and CEO at ABM. “It has been tested in the field and has provided consistent and positive results across the board. It’s a first for us, a product that is non-living but provides many of the same benefits and eliminates some of the restrictions and limitations that can come with living products.”

The product will be available in early 2021, along with their other new product for the Seed Treatment Industry, GroFlo.