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SIPA Announces New Executive Director

The Seed Innovation & Protection Alliance (SIPA) is pleased to announce that Eloy Corona has been named Executive Director.

“Eloy’s experience will help strengthen our industry’s Intellectual Property alliance and add value to SIPA’s initiatives now and in the future,” says SIPA’s Program Board Chair Corinne Marshall. “Eloy brings a deep understanding of Intellectual Property and the value of innovation to our industry ensuring he will be a crucial asset to SIPA’s goals and objectives.”

Eloy comes to SIPA with over 25 years of seed industry experience with most of those years focused on intellectual property. As a past SIPA member representative, Eloy has already hit the ground running with a smooth transition as of December 21, 2020.

“I am truly excited about this next phase of my career,” says Eloy Corona. “The U.S. Seed industry is delivering a robust R&D pipeline of exciting innovations which benefits growers and consumers. SIPA will be an important partner with integrated seed companies, breeders, distributors and retailers in communicating the value of these innovations.

“We are excited to have Eloy join SIPA as our second executive director to carry on the strong work by James Weatherly,” says Andy LaVigne, president and CEO of the American Seed Trade Association. “With the strong foundation that has been laid over the last 5-years, Eloy will continue to drive the understanding of IP protection and value capture that is vital to the continued research and development of the American seed industry.