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National Sorghum Producers and Advanta Seeds Partner for Grower Success

Advanta Seeds US is upping its commitment to National Sorghum Producers (NSP), increasing its support as a Gold level sponsor through the NSP Industry Partner program.

“We have always appreciated Advanta’s support of NSP and sorghum farmers through its mission to provide high yielding, quality seed through premier research and development,” NSP CEO Tim Lust says. “Their innovation has played a key role in driving the sorghum industry forward, and we are excited about the new opportunities offered through this continued partnership.”

This next-level partnership will place greater emphasis on grower education, productivity and profitability while continuing to support NSP advocacy efforts. Today, NSP and Alta Seeds launched two resources for growers focusing on forage sorghum and sugarcane aphid (SCA) management.

“Advanta/Alta Seeds has long supported NSP’s mission of legislatively advocating and building profitable markets for sorghum growers across the country,” Barry Lubbers, North America Business Director for Advanta, says. “We believe our increased sponsorship, which includes the creation of the SCA and forage sorghum management resource pages on the association’s website, will further help sorghum productivity and profitability while underscoring our commitment to the sorghum industry.”

Alta Seeds launched igrowth, the first herbicide-tolerant sorghum to market, in June 2020 and its partner UPL received approval for IMIFLEX in December, making the first commercially available pre and post-emergent grass and broadleaf control technology system available to sorghum farmers for the 2021 growing season.

“Alta Seeds is a leader in innovation,” Lust says. “This is a monumental achievement for our industry, and as this highly sought after improvement to grass control in sorghum is planted this season, we encourage proper stewardship by all growers and look forward to partnering further with Alta Seeds, in addition to the Sorghum Checkoff, to ensure this technology remains available and viable for a very long time.”