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Benson Hill Launches Infrastructure for Future Yellow Pea Innovation

Source: Pixabay

Today, Benson Hill announced the launch of its ingredient and fresh business segments.

Using CropOS and through its expanded business sectors, Benson Hill says they’re aiming to bring together improved seed innovation with closed-loop supply chains and best field practices to enable increased sustainability for ingredient and food companies and retailers. This includes end traceability for consumers and more profit for farmers, the company says.

“Consumers want healthier, more flavorful and more sustainable food choices, but the traditional commodity model is not set up to meet that demand at scale. We are leveraging our technology and working with our partners to drive the evolution of the current system toward a new model, where high-quality options that are better from the beginning are accessible to everyone,” says Matt Crisp, chief executive officer of Benson Hill. “Today’s announcement comes at a time of accelerating growth for the company as our food and feed offerings, which are positioned to be the ‘picks and shovels’ that enable the agri-food system to respond to those consumer trends, are made available to more value chain partners and consumers.”

Part of this increased infrastructure includes expanding yellow pea’s genomic innovations. Benson Hill says they have developed a comprehensive genomic map which will accelerate its breeding program to develop differentiated varieties. In addition, Benson Hill is working on a pipeline of products with the goal of reducing off-flavors, increasing the quantity of the protein the plant creates and displacing the need for energy- and water-intensive processing steps.

In addition, the ingredient sector of the business will be commercializing its ultra-high protein soybean varieties in 2021, while the fresh segment of the business will focus on combining CropOS’s breeding power with the network of their subsidiary J&J Family of Farms.