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BASF and AgBiome Collaborate on Biological Fungicide for Europe, Middle East and Africa

Gloved farmer in uniform holding box with fresh green lettuce. Source: BASF.

BASF and AgBiome have signed an agreement to bring a new biological fungicide to the market in Europe, and key countries in the Middle East and Africa. Developed by AgBiome, and marketed as Howler in the United States, the biological fungicide with multiple modes of action provides preventive, long-lasting activity on a broad spectrum of soilborne and foliar diseases. BASF will support the further development and registration and will be the exclusive distributor in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Subject to successful registrations, first market introductions in selected countries are expected in 2024-25.

“With this collaboration we will broaden our BioSolutions portfolio, especially in Europe,” says Marco Moorfeld, vice president for market management in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia at BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division. “We believe that the complementary combination of conventional crop protection and BioSolutions is the way forward for sustainable agriculture and we are convinced that strong partnerships in the industry are essential to bring more innovations to the market.”

The new biological fungicide is effective against diseases like Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, and Botrytis as well as active against several other diseases. It is based on the bacterium Pseudomonas chlororaphis, strain AFS009. The fungicide will be made available for use in vegetables and ornamentals as well as for applications on turf such as golf courses. It can be applied effectively at every phase of vegetable production, from greenhouse to pre-plant until harvest. This makes it a valuable tool to complement conventional crop protection products as part of a comprehensive integrated pest management program. 

“AgBiome is very pleased to be partnering with BASF to develop its newest highly efficacious biofungicide in Europe and certain adjacent markets in the Middle East and Africa,” says Toni Bucci, COO at AgBiome. “BASF aligns with our goals to provide sustainable crop protection solutions, as we continue to see high growth potential for biological products in Europe,” added Bucci.

Financial details of the agreement are not disclosed.