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Pamela Calvo-Velez is an Advocate for Science

Pamela Calvo-Velez

Science has always been a love for Pamela Calvo-Velez, global and U.S. R&D fungicide and biologicals seed treatment lead at BASF. And clearly, with more than 1,500 citations from her peer-reviewed articles, it’s something she’s good at as well.

“I’ve always enjoyed being able to answer fundamental questions through experimentation,” Calvo-Velez says. 

However, although she knew she wanted to be a scientist, it took Calvo-Velez some time to discover specifically what kind of scientist to become. After pursuing her bachelor’s degree in biology and seeing the different fields, she realized that that specializing in microbiology and agriculture was the way to go. 

Her first step into the seed industry was while working at the International Potato Center (CIP) in Lima, Peru, but her complete dive into the industry didn’t happen until she was completing her PhD at Auburn. 

“I was fascinated by the potential of the products applied on seed,” Calvo-Velez says. “I realized there’s important research done by the seed industry, and that’s how I landed where I am today.”

One unique thing about Calvo-Velez is that she’s had the ability to work internationally for a long time. 

“In my current global role at BASF, I am exposed to different cultures get to hear the challenges that different regions face around agriculture,” Calvo-Velez says. “It has been an excellent experience to me.”

However, the Peruvian Andes will always hold a special place in Calvo-Velez’s heart, because it’s where her passion started. 

In her daily life, Calvo-Velez tries to incorporate mindfulness and meditation. 

“I’m an advocate of preventative health, so I love reading any book, podcast or article I can find,” she says. “From how to incorporate good nutrition to finding ways to lower stress — it’s all interesting.”

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