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Szabolcs Ruthner has a Passion for Plant Breeding Innovation

In our latest Seed World Podcast Series, Szabolcs Ruthner, regulatory affairs manager of the International Seed Federation (ISF) joins Editor Alex Martin to talk about everything from a pandemic-filled year to how he’s working with the new Key Strategic Objectives (KSOs) of ISF.

Ruthner says one of the biggest challenges ISF faced in 2020 was the inability to meet in-person — it’s one major portion of ISF. Being able to talk face to face with not only members, but also regulators, is imperative when talking about the narrative of the seed industry. One conference he’s looking forward to attending in-person again? The American Seed Trade Association’s Flower & Veg show.

In addition, Ruthner also addresses what the key aspects of his job is, and how those specifically relate to the KSOs he works with his three groups — the Plant Breeding Innovation Working Group, the Vegetables and Ornamentals Section and the Field Crop Section.

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