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Growers Edge Partners with DF Seeds

Field of alfalfa flowers (also called lucerne)

Growers Edge announced a partnership with DF Seeds, a regional seed company of Legacy Seed Acquisitions Co., LLC, to provide a warranty-backed agronomic offer featuring Legacy L-457 HD+ and L-470 HD brand alfalfa seed.

“The Legacy Alfalfa Challenge will help growers see the opportunity for increased yields and improved quality from Legacy Seeds’ proven alfalfa products and give them confidence to plant it in their fields,” said Chris Varner, DF Seeds President. “This offer will help growers adopt our technologies that will help grow a more productive crop.”

Growers Edge partners with agricultural input suppliers and retailers across the U.S. to deliver grower-relevant solutions to meet the ag industry’s ever-changing demands. In 2020, the company closed a $40 million Series B round of financing that will help speed the introduction of warranty-backed crop plans and deploy the company’s new end-to-end agricultural lending platform.

“The Legacy Alfalfa Challenge delivers an innovative opportunity for the ag industry by providing a warranty-backed alfalfa offer tailored to meet the needs of DF Seeds and their growers,” said Tracy Linbo, CCO of Growers Edge. “Growers Edge is excited to work with an innovative company like DF Seeds to help growers use new technologies in their operations with less risk.”