Seed World

Searching for Corporate Soulmates

What do you stand for and value? Where do you invest yourself? These are the type of questions we ask ourselves daily – both individually and corporately. We ask these questions to potential alliances too because we seek alignment only with relationships who are as passionately devoted to innovation and growth as we are. 

At Kannar, our mission – in fact also our daily passion – is to promote ideal agriculture through incremental positive changes. What does that mean in real terms? We’re committed to making the world better, one crop establishment technology innovation at a time. It’s why we invested in the world’s first microplastic-free seed fluency aid; it’s why we’ve persevered in optimization and development of bio-pesticidal microbes from discovery to patents; it’s why sustainability and regeneration are part of every one of our corporate conversations. 

Ultimately, our company is successful when we help make farmers more successful. We deeply believe that farming success – both today and into the future – depends on all of us pushing past the status quo towards more efficient, more effective, more earth-friendly innovations. 

We are humbled whenever collaborators seek us out. Some find us attractive because of our geographic reach: we’re one of few seed treatment technology optimization companies not located in the heart of corn and soy production states. This means we have access to markets such as peanuts, rice, cotton, sorghum, sunflower, fruits and vegetables in addition to corn, soy, sugar beets, and wheat. Some future partners come to us because of our proven history and appetite for innovation, our treatment expertise, and our established industry relationships. However, by far the collaborators we are most excited to work with come to us because they share our belief and commitment that we can make a meaningful difference in the world around us. 

If you see yourselves as changemakers, let’s talk!