Seed World

Our Job is Making it Happen

Once upon a very recent time, there was a company that invested many millions into developing a new seed treatment. They were (and are) rightfully excited about their product, as it is a major step forward in innovation and efficacy. Yet they’ve had challenges bringing it to market. It’s a story we hear all the time: there are often very big gaps between the developers who create new seed applied technologies, the manufacturers that commercialize those products, and the seed companies that actually use the treatments.   

There are all kinds of reasons for bumps in the road to market. In some cases, companies develop a product that works incredibly successfully in a lab, but there’s an application, residue or other challenge they can’t overcome that stops them from making the leap to real-world, field-scale application. In other cases, it’s about relationship: a developer might have an ideal product, but they aren’t able to connect to a manufacturer with the right equipment, know-how or capacity. In still other cases, its about chemistry: a product might be fantastic on its own, but it has negative interactions with other products that need to be seed applied. 

We are huge believers in teamwork in business and in life. We created Kannar back in 2007 because we saw gaps in getting products to market, and we got excited about making positive changes to agriculture by being the missing links in the innovation and production chain. Fourteen years later, we’re the go-to ‘conduit’ to the marketplace, translating great new technologies and seed treatments promoting crop establishment into commercially applicable form. Our expertise is in knowing everything related to actually and successfully treating seed, from application equipment to all seed-applied technologies, from hard chemistries, to life sciences, and nutrients. 

A big part of what we offer is our reputation. By the time we bring a product to a manufacturer, we’ve done the legwork to know not only that it works, but also how it works, why it works and how to manage it for commercial scale. It also helps that we know the capabilities, limitations and needs of various seed production and treatment plants, from their available equipment, to their storage capacity, even to their appetite and enthusiasm for innovation.

Kannar is grateful for the collaborators and alliances who entrust their technologies to our expertise. It is for the grower and for them that we wish to always make it happen.