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Save Corn from Extreme Weather in Seed World’s Strategy Webinar

Over the last decade, the U.S. has experienced extreme weather and changing climate. Remember the extreme drought of 2012? What about the heavy rainfall in 2019? Even this year we had an abnormal drought year, though it wasn’t nearly as extreme as in 2012.

How can we save corn from the drought, flooding and overall extreme weather? Luckily for growers, seed companies and tech companies alike are working on an answer ranging from breeding to calculating weather patterns for the future.

In our next Strategy Webinar, on Sept. 23 at 12:00 CT, Seed World hopes to look at what breeding programs look like in response to extreme weather, as well as how companies are using data to predict weather for the future.

Join us as we hear from:

Will Kletter, the head of Customer Success at ClimateAi. Kletter focuses on ensuring that ClimateAi’s customers – seed companies, input providers, agriculture financiers, growers and other agribusiness segments – optimally mitigate their climate risk and continue to grow their bottom lines over the coming season, years, and decades. He has spent 10+ years working on Climate Change and Sustainability topics: environmental consulting, investing, venture capital, startups and growth strategy.

Stephen Swarm, the eastern full-season corn breeder for Beck’s Hybrids. Swarm’s breeding target is 108-115 day corn hybrids adapted to Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. He began his career at Beck’s Hybrids in 2017 as an assistant breeder, where he helped to develop corn hybrids for Central Illinois, until moving into his current role in 2020. His crop breeding experience began at the University of Illinois where he studied soybean breeding and genetics and graduated with a PhD in Crop Sciences.

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