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Corteva Agriscience Announces U.S. EPA Registration of Enlist One and Enlist Duo Herbicides through 2029

Corteva Agriscience is pleased to announce that the U.S. EPA has completed the registration amendment process for Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicides, giving farmers certainty in product availability as they complete their 2022 seed planting and crop protection plans. Enlist herbicides received a seven-year registration through January 11, 2029.

The Enlist weed control system includes Enlist herbicides, Enlist Ahead, Enlist E3 soybeans, Enlist cotton and Enlist corn. The comprehensive system offers multiple herbicide modes of action to control tough weeds and is centered around 2,4-D choline with Colex-D technology, which provides key benefits including near-zero volatility, reduced potential for off-target movement and physical drift, and improved handling characteristics. Further, Enlist cotton and Enlist E3 soybean crops are tolerant to three herbicide modes of action, 2,4-D, glufosinate and glyphosate, allowing for a robust integrated weed management program to tackle herbicide resistance and improve the sustainability of farmers’ weed control practices.

“Farmers have been drawn to the technology’s weed control results and flexible timing for use,” says Susanne Wasson, president, Crop Protection Business Platform for Corteva Agriscience. “The on-target properties of the Enlist weed control system not only help protect rural neighbors but the updated label also increases protections for wildlife and habitats.”

The Enlist herbicide registration amendment process included EPA conducting updated data analyses and initiating appropriate agency consultations to help confirm Enlist herbicides continue to comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). As part of that process, EPA updated its ecological and ESA risk assessments, resulting in the addition of targeted risk mitigation measures to the Enlist herbicide labels. These updates will help ensure that use of Enlist herbicides in accordance with the label will help protect endangered species and their habitats while also allowing growers to continue to capture the benefits of the Enlist weed control system.

Corteva remains committed to grower education efforts — including in particular, education efforts focused on these label changes — through its Enlist Ahead management resource, which informs growers, distributors, retailers and applicators about proper use. The Enlist Ahead program helps customers with on-target applications and sound weed management practices for successful, sustainable use of the Enlist weed control system.

Enlist Ahead was launched with the Enlist system to provide farmers with the confidence they need to trust the system and achieve on-target herbicide applications. This winter, continued monthly webinars led by Enlist field specialists will provide information and answer questions about label changes and include guidance on subjects ranging from nozzle selection to tank-mix recommendations to neighbor-friendly characteristics of Enlist herbicides. From Oct. 2020, Aug. 2021, more than 16,000 farmers, applicators and retailers were trained on how to use the system properly by attending webinars and other training opportunities.

“We’re proud of our continued efforts to provide farmers and applicators with the tools they need to keep weeds at bay,” said Cynthia Ericson, vice president, U.S. Marketing for Corteva Agriscience. “Enlist herbicides have been used successfully since 2017.”

“As long as you stay on label and run the recommended rates, you’ll have no problem keeping a clean field,” says Ethan Clarke, Indiana farmer.