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UPL North America Introduces Two Business Units


UPL announces two business units in North America to further deliver innovative solutions that address critical challenges throughout the food chain. Natural Plant Protection (NPP), a global business unit housing UPL’s comprehensive portfolio of BioSolutions to protect and strengthen plants against biotic and abiotic stress, is growing in North America. UPL Environmental Solutions (ES) is evolving with an expanded team of experts and a renewed purpose to deliver innovative technologies for the aquatics, fumigants and specialty markets.

“Through UPL’s OpenAg purpose, we are changing the game with a unique approach to delivering differentiated solutions that meet the needs of our customers and our planet in a sustainable way,” says Craig Brekkas, head, UPL North America. “These two business units within UPL are focused on driving innovation through our customer-focused R&D, manufacturing and industry collaborations, resulting in enhanced value for the agriculture industry in the United States and Canada.”

While NPP and ES each have dedicated marketing and technical services teams, together they comprise a unified approach to delivering customer-centric solutions and operational efficiencies. The two business units are important elements of UPL’s OpenAg purpose of reimagining sustainability through open collaboration, innovation excellence, supply chain efficiency and a unified approach to customer service.

Natural Plant Protection (NPP)

NPP is differentiating and expanding its BioSolutions portfolio through its own manufacturing capabilities and in partnership with R&D laboratories and facilities worldwide. In North America, customers will benefit from UPL’s extensive global BioSolutions footprint, drawing on innovation, research and development capabilities and will be supported by UPL’s unique ability to rapidly deliver sustainable solutions that meet grower challenges in a wide variety of crop segments.

“Through a dedicated business unit, we are increasing our focus on R&D, specialized technical advice and industry partnerships to deliver integrated, sustainable solutions for growers and meaningful change for consumers and the planet,” says Jim Petta, Natural Plant Protection head, North America.

“NPP’s extensive BioSolutions portfolio is playing a vital role in helping to address growers’ pain points including biotic and abiotic stress, soil health, residue and resistance management. NPP is agile in adding products to its portfolio, creating global partnerships and training programs and contributing to environmental sustainability, grower resilience and being a catalyst for improving the food value chain,” Petta says.

Environmental Solutions (ES)

ES encompasses the development and delivery of innovative products and advanced technology for the aquatics, fumigants and specialty markets, including turf and ornamental plant health, structural and premise pest control, and animal health and husbandry. Through these product and technology solutions, UPL North America is determined to reduce spoilage and loss caused by pests, weeds and diseases as well as nurturing safe environments through the entire crop value chain.

“Powered by the UPL OpenAg purpose of industry collaboration and innovation, the Environmental Solutions business is well-positioned to deliver new solutions for our customers while maintaining a healthy environment where we live, work and play,” says Steve Fasano, UPL Environmental Solutions head, North America. “We’re embracing new ideas, identifying current and future needs, and defining the unknown. While this may seem broad, the Environmental Solutions group envisions significant growth ahead for this division and UPL.”