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Rob-See-Co Purchases Big Cob Hybrids

Rob-See-Co, an independent seed company located in Elkhorn, Neb. acquired Big Cob Hybrids (B&M Seeds, LLC), an independent seed company based in Seward, NE. The acquisition enables Rob-See-Co to expand its footprint and product offerings to Dealers and growers in Kansas and Nebraska. The company will operate out of Rob-See-Co’s headquarters.

“We are pleased to welcome Big Cob Hybrids as the newest member of our Rob-See-Co family,” said Rob Robinson, Rob-See-Co CEO. “Rob-See-Co and Big Cob Hybrids are family-owned companies with similar cultures and values. Both companies offer a similar business model and place the highest priority on customer relationships. We believe this relationship will benefit our customers as well as the employees of both organizations.”

There is minimal, yet complimentary overlap with existing dealers, and because of this, Rob-See-Co anticipates the company will work with 100% of Big Cob Hybrids’ Dealers. The former Big Cob Dealers will continue to sell Big Cob brand corn and soybean products through the 2022 growing season. In 2023, they will transition to Rob-See-Co and Innotech brand corn and soybeans, Masters Choice specialty silage, and Streamline Ag seed-driven crop inputs.

The expanded product line will provide additional benefits to customers over time. The efficiencies of RobSee-Co’s operations, broad germplasm and trait access, as well as improved testing, corn breeding, and characterization will now be available to dealers across the company.

“Improved dealer development and broader access to world-class genetics and traits will provide further opportunities for our customers and dealers. It’s very exciting,” says Ben Benson, Big Cob Hybrids President and CEO. “Big Cob Hybrids has created a strong legacy over the years and is a trusted partner for dealers and growers in Kansas and Nebraska. This next chapter with Rob-See-Co will simply expand that in the future.”

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to enhance our offerings,” said Jim Robinson, Chief Technology Officer at Rob-See-Co. “By combining the strengths and expertise of our organizations, we expand RobSee-Co’s capabilities and are able to share those benefits with our customers.”

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Source: Rob-See-Co