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Advancements Made in the Battle Against Asian Soybean Rust

2Blades and Corteva announced they have achieved a breakthrough in their collaboration to create a transgene for Asian Soybean Rust (ASR) resistance. The team conducted field trials of Latin American soybean varieties that contained the new ASR transgene.

This accomplishment marks a turning point in the research between the two organizations, which set out to develop durable resistance and reduce grower losses resulting from the plant pathogen, according to a news release.

ASR can result in yield loss from 10% up to 80% in countries where it inhabits. Latin American soybeans are especially vulnerable due to mild winter conditions that permit fungus to survive year-round. The transgenic trait that is being developed by 2Blades and Corteva will offer another disease management tool, enhancing disease resistance durability and choices of integrated disease management strategies.

“Results from the trial showed strong disease resistance in the transgenic soybean varieties tested,” said Tom Greene, biotechnology leader at Corteva. “Our partnership with 2Blades combines the strengths of our organizations in pursuit of our common goal: enhancing the productivity of soybeans for farmers across Latin America via stronger plant genetics.”

2Blades’ understanding of disease resistance, paired with Corteva’s lab and field testing, put into motion the initial decision to work together in 2013. The two companies worked from 2013 to 2018 at the Universidade Federal de Vicosa and The Sainsbury Laboratory to identify the ASR resistance genes.

“Lead genes from our collaboration continue to advance in our pipeline, allowing us to better understand their performance against key ASR pathogens that impact our growers in Latin America,” said Jeff Habben, leader of the Disease Resistance Discovery group at Corteva. “Reaching this collaborative milestone reinforces our trajectory and builds confidence in our approach.”

Scientific advancements have resulted in certain improvements of soybean rust control, yet durable resistance remains a principal tool for farmers to reduce the risk of disease.

“Soybean rust is a key challenge for growers and needs to be combatted with an integrated strategy,” said Peter van Esse, vice president and group leader for 2Blades. “Genetic resistance against this disease will help give growers a powerful tool to manage the disease in a more effective and sustainable way.” 

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