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Utah Family of Ranchers Work to Halt Water Crisis

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Consensus Digital Media aired the eighth episode of their series “Made In America: Farmers Across America.” The video features a family of Utah farmers and ranchers whose roots run deep in the industry as they discuss water, drought and what it means for crops to prevent a potential future water crisis.

Utah is the U.S.’ second driest state, with its average yearly precipitation coming in at 13.34 inches. Nearly 65% of the state encountered abnormally dry conditions throughout the last 20 years, according to Utah State University.

The impact of what some scientists believe is a generational drought could be even more disastrous for the agricultural and state economics. The Great Salt Lake has fallen to a record low level with the snowpack at least 25% below normal, shared a release.

This episode of “Made In America: Farmers Across America” focuses on the Ferry Family from Corinne, Utah, a community utilizing regenerative and strategic partnerships to develop efficiencies for crops, the surrounding valley and wildlife.

Jy Ferry and Son, the family’s farm, continues to build on their century-long efforts to conserve water in the Great Salt Lake Valley. The ranchers use “laser leveling, flood irrigation, planned grazing, no-till farming, and crop rotation” to promote healthy soil that can maintain water even through a drought, explained the release.

The Ferry family is working with government agencies that oversee neighboring wetlands to ensure millions of birds can successfully migrate across the Great Salt Lake region.

“Consensus is excited to share the Ferry family’s story of harnessing sustainability initiatives and innovation to overcome water shortages and prepare for the future,” said Conor Gaughan, CEO and publisher at Consensus Digital Media. “By working with government agencies, community groups and neighboring ranchers, the Ferry family is creating a legacy of improving the local environment and economy.”

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