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DLF Pickseed Unifies Under Name DLF

Photo: DLF

On Thursday, Oct. 6, DLF Pickseed announced that it was unifying its brand and business under the name DLF.

The evolution synchronizes the influence of DLF’s recognized regional brands into a stronger identity, said Neil Douglas, executive vice president of DLF North America in a release. In addition to moving under one branding name, DLF is changing its geographical divisions to functional groups. This creates a “leadership-by-function to bond its teams together” rather than divide teams by country.

“As DLF, our North American voice becomes amplified, empowered and important on the global seed stage,” he added. “By aligning our brand and approach, we are well positioned to meet customer demands and deliver new value into the future. We can better leverage the groups’ strengths and synergies to continue to lead and innovate.”

Though the branding and teams are changing, DLF assures customers they’ll still have access to the same products, brands and staff as normal. The change instead brings better availability to enhanced services, tools and support.

“As a true North American company our sphere of influence expands greatly. We can deliver substantial product innovation and solve complex challenges as part of a global organization committed to R&D, our customers and our planet,” Douglas said.