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GenSCOUT Looks to Make Scouting Easier for Agronomists

There’s always a need for more innovative apps in the agriculture space to help make common processes more efficient and less time consuming. Apps are typically made with one key factor in mind: how can technology help and make life easier for a remote worker as they go about their business and make them more efficient in the long run?  

That’s one thing that GenSCOUT, Primetics Seed Solutions’ new app, takes pride doing.  

GenSCOUT is an Android application developed to revolutionize how field production managers and field inspectors access their assigned work information from the field. Unlike other field inspection apps that provide a simple checklist, Primetics Seed Solutions say that GenSCOUT includes a multitude of features to digitize and accelerate the entire field inspection process.  

Primetics Seed Solutions worked closely with seed companies across North America to develop solutions to real world, day-to-day challenges. The biggest challenge they saw currently? Many seed businesses still rely on Excel spreadsheets or generic business management systems to maintain data in the office, whether that’s field or other types of data. While using things like Excel is fine in the long run, it can bog down the business process.  

“Through our conversations with multiple field inspectors, we revealed a challenge with no solution and wanted to change that,” says Dan Heesome, Product Owner at Primetics Seed Solutions. “The GenSCOUT app was created specifically for seed businesses, resulting in a set of unique and powerful seed-specific features that other generic apps cannot provide. GenSCOUT is unique for the seed industry because it was designed for and, more importantly, by the industry.”  

For the future, Primetics Seed Solutions sees GenSCOUT as a way to maximize efficiencies in the seed industry — especially as the world’s population grows and food demand grows.  

“GenSCOUT saves hours of administrative work by utilizing innovative technology,” Heesome adds. “Users can bid farewell to unreliable manual data entry and say hello to consistent and reportable data stored in a single location. They can compare current results to previous ones and even view information about grower contracts and previous cropping of the field all while on the go.

“This revolutionary app will not only change the seed sector in the future, but it will also change with the seed sector in the future. We are always thinking about what is next and working with customers to ensure our products are always providing them with maximum value.”