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BASF to Launch New Tomato Seed Varieties Resistant to ToBRFV

From the early start of the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) outbreak, BASF has actively sought and offered solutions to growers in battling this virus. Besides of providing seed varieties since 2020, 25 new launchings resistant to ToBRFV are being tested to become commercial in 2023 which will cover growers’ and market needs even better, according to a release.

The Nunhems portfolio currently offers a range of resistant tomato seed varieties. They all meet the requirements of the different levels of the agri-food value chain. In addition to their productivity and plant health, the varieties offer aspects such as flavor, color or visual appearance in line with the demands of the current market.

“In 2020, we launched our first ToBRFV resistant tomato variety Teenon F1 in Mexico,” says Maria Muschitiello, product development coordinator of Tomato Fresh at BASF’s vegetable seeds business. “A year later, we introduced four more varieties Blindon, Brovian, Strongton and Azovian — all saladette types with good resistance to Rugose and great adaptability to different hot spot including Spain, Turkey and Morocco. At present, we have a commercial assortment with Vitalion, cherry round with high taste adapted to high tech growing in the Netherlands as well as for growing in Canada. BASF will continue to introduce new varieties for different types of segments that can be cultivated in many countries.”

BASF offers sustainable solutions that endure over time.

“With the resistance, we contribute to the continuity of the crop and the production of commercial fruits. And this is precisely what we have successfully achieved,” says Geert Janssen, R&D crop lead Solanaceae.